A New Real Estate Channel to Buy Right

Inquire to Acquire

Formalytx provides soup to nuts software and services to help businesses acquire real estate assets.

Buy Right

We use our exclusive tax deed and tax lien software platform to find and diligence property assets of all classes and assist companies to acquire assets at between 40 – 70% of fair market value.

“The Formalytx platform and services are unbelievable. We are now back in the tax deed acquisition business.”

John Howell, CEO
Maximize Yield & Spread

We help you secure tax deed real estate at a significantly lower basis in the markets of your choice. Achieve cap rates and spread like never before using our sophisticated due diligence tools and data.

“Formalytx software tools made acquiring tax deed assets efficient and accurate.”

Ian Rice, EVP of Acquisitions
Sort, Point & Click Access

Use an intuitive map view or our auction calendar to focus your research and buy strategy as tax deed auctions come online throughout the year.

A New Listing Service – FLS

This new real estate acquisition channel provides access to properties not listed on the MLS. The only listing service of its kind, the Formalytx Listing Service — FLS — provides exclusive detailed data your company needs to buy right, and in volume.