How can the Formalytx system save me time?

Once you are a subscriber you will have access to all auctions as the information becomes available.  This can be 1,000’s of properties and you could have more that one auction in your area.  If you were to try and research this on your own it would take 100’s of hours.

For example:

  • If each parcel takes 10 minutes to copy and paste the data into excel (it could easily take more time than 15 minutes).
  • A typical auction could contain 400 properties in only one auction
  • 10 minutes x 400 = 4,000 minutes
  • 4,000 minutes divided by 60 (number of minutes in an hour) = 66 hours
  • This is 66 hours total that you would spend just getting the data into an excel spreadsheet
  • Let’s say you can devote 4 hours a day to this process (late at night), because let’s face it most of us have a job too
  • That is 66 hours total, divided by 4 hours per day = 16 days to just extract the data
  • Now add in another County that is holding an auction around the same time, double the work or lose the opportunity

The key to being successful is having the ability to review and sort through the properties quickly to find what you are looking for.  No other system does this for you.

Simply subscribe, review and bid.

Can I see some past Tax Deed sales examples?

Yes, of course, and feel free to look these up and verify the information. sample purchases

Why do some properties not have pictures?

We do our best to locate photos of the subject property but if the property has not been listed in some time then it may be that photos simply do not exist.

Within the system we give you the ability to upload photos of the property, to be used only by you, as part of your account.

What is a Parcel map?

The parcel map will show an outline of the subject property on a map.  This is very useful when reviewing any property you may be bidding on to see where the property is and how large the land lot is subject to neighboring properties.

A Parcel Map shows the subdivision of land into Parcels for sale and is recorded in the County Recorder’s Office. Parcel Maps typically contain fewer “Lots” than Tract Maps and requirements for improvements (to the property) are less extensive than for Tract Maps.

Why are there no auctions in my area?

Auctions are held at different times in each State and County and approximately 60 days prior to any auction being listed we post it to our system.  This is one of the issues in not using a system like ours.  Trying to determine when an auction is held is part of the breakdown in the system that we resolve by providing the calendar to you in advance of any auction.

See below for your State and the estimated time frame that they hold their auction.

State Auction Type Typical Auction Dates
AL Tax Deed Annual (May)
AR Tax Deed April- December
AZ Tax Lien January – February
CA Tax Deed February – June
CO Tax Lien October – November
FL Tax Lien May – June
FL Tax Deed Monthly
GA Tax Deed 1st Tuesday of Every Month
HI Tax deed Varies
IA Tax Lien Annual June
ID Tax Deed June – September
IL Tax Lien Annual Varies
IN Tax Lien Fall (August – November)
KS Tax Deed Annual (April – December)
KY Tax Lien Annual (July – October)
LA Tax Deed Varies
MA Tax Deed Annual (Varies)
MD Tax Deed Annual (Febuary)
ME Tax Deed Annual (Febuary)
MI Tax Deed Annual (July – October)
MN Tax Deed Annual (Fall)
MO Tax Lien Varies
MS Tax Lien Varies
MT Tax Lien Varies
NC Tax Deed Annual (Varies)
ND Tax Deed Varies
NE Tax Lien Annual (March)
NH Tax Deed Annual (Varies)
NJ Tax Lien Annual (Varies)
NM Tax Deed Varies
NM Tax Deed Varies
NV Tax Deed Varies
NV Tax Lien Varies
NV Tax Lien Annual (Varies)
NY Tax Lien Annual (Varies)
OH Tax Lien Annual (Varies)
OK Tax Deed Annual (2nd Monday in June)
OR Tax Deed Varies
PA Tax Deed November
RI Tax Lien Annual Varies
SC Tax Lien Annual (October- December)
TN Tax Deed Annual Varies
TX Tax Deed Monthly
UT Tax Deed May – June
UT Tax Deed Annual (May- June)
VA Tax Deed Annual (Varies)
VT Tax Lien Annual (Varies by Municipality)
WA Tax Deed Winter Months
WA Tax Deed Annual (Varies)
WI Tax Deed Annual (Varies)
WV Tax Lien Annual (Fall)
WY Tax Lien Annual (July – August )

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