How It Works

Search. Find. Bid. Keys.

Explore the auction process and Formalytx features to navigate your way to a new property!

The Process

The Purchasing Process

First, the list of properties becomes available. Then, the county hosts an auction. Tell me again how I become the new owner? Let us guide you through a typical auction purchase, showing you how we can help!

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The Process

Frequently Asked Questions

Need we say more? If you’re looking to dive head-first into the tax auction property acquisition process, there are a few key pieces of the puzzle you’ll want to get the hang of. Find your answers here!

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Video Explanations

I Need Videos!

COMING SOON! Here you’ll find key examples, walking you through the traditional way of finding property information needed to buy, how Formalytx makes this 10x easier, and even take a peek inside the inner-workings of the system.