More Buyers = More Sold.

Everything from driving more buyers to your auction to hosting It online.

Provide Better Property Data to Auction Off More Properties

We understand how important it is to get properties off of your books and into the hands of new home owners, investors, and real estate buyers. That’s why we’ve made it our goal to help you:

  • Broaden your purchase base by giving buyers more accurate, reliable, and informative data than any other site out there (and teach them about the process).
  • Grow your buying market and sell more properties by bringing people from across the nation to your county auction.
  • Save time, lower costs, and reduce the auction process workload, making your job easier!
  • Our system is built to meet your needs, secure, ease of use and better data, means more properties sold.

Please inquire to find out more about Formalytx.  We are always looking to partner with counties, and we are the only company providing a process that is built around your specific needs.

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